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Hi, we are Ivana & Milan, a husband and wife photography team, we are best friends, and feel as though we make the perfect team, always knowing and trusting what the other will be doing. Ivana is a total dreamer, creative and lover of life, animals and sweets. Milan is the deep artistic soul of the industry that is also an amazing and talented graphic designer who is lover of sport and good adventure. We both are constantly getting to know new people and loving to travel and experience the world.

Photography has always been a passion for us and the fact that we get to do it together for a living is not just an honour, it is a dream come true. We are both such personable people and a romantics, so getting to witness and capture something beautiful like weddings and families is just the icing on the cake to life.

Based in Auckland, but travel all over New Zealand and are willing to go anywhere your heart desires.

We love each other and we do what we love. We love working with passionate people and crazy-in-love couples. We love to capture the most incredible moments and memories in your life. What are your stories?

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