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Hi, we are Ivana & Milan, a husband-and-wife wedding photographer in Auckland duo. We are best friends and feel as though we make the perfect team when it comes to making unique packages for wedding photography, always knowing and trusting what the other will be doing. Ivana is a total dreamer, creative, and lover of life, animals, and sweets. Milan is the deep artistic soul of the industry that is also an amazing and talented graphic designer who is a lover of sport and a good adventure. We both are constantly getting to know new people and loving to travel and experience the world.

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Wedding photography has always been a passion for us and the fact that we get to do it together for a living is not just an honour – it is a dream come true. Weddings are the most special days of someone’s life, and it brings such a fulfillment to be a part of it. Not everyone can have the opportunity to witness two people committing to each other and to capture it for everyone to see – but most importantly, to make it eternal for the bride and the groom, so they can cherish this moment forever.

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We are both such personable people and romantics, so getting to witness and capture something beautiful like weddings and families is just the icing on the cake to life.

Based in Auckland, but travel all over New Zealand and are willing to go anywhere your heart desires. From high boulders to grassy fields, we’ll come wherever we need to just to capture the beautiful landscapes of the land combined with your ever-lasting love and passion.

We love each other and we do what we love. We love working with passionate people and crazy-in-love couples. We love to capture the most incredible moments and memories in your life. What are your stories?

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Wedding Packages

We have wedding packages for people of most budgets. This includes not just giving you a creative wedding photographer in Auckland, but you can also order videography services! We offer you customizable packages that you can create to fit your wedding day the best. Contact us to book the best wedding photographer and videographer in Auckland for your special day!

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If you are looking for cheerful and friendly yet professional wedding photographer in Auckland, you have come to the right place.

The two of us will help you capture the most important event of your lives, and create an art piece of it. There is nothing more beautiful than ensuring our clients always have a smile on their faces while they dip their toes in the water, kiss in front of the stunning vistas, or run through beautiful fields of long grass. We’ll capture authentic emotions from your day, while letting everyone know why New Zealand is the most beautiful place you can get married in.

We are devoted to creating artistic wedding photos Auckland, and our packages for wedding photography are designed to help you fulfill your vision of how your wedding day should look. All of our photos are impressionable and emotional, just like we wanted our own wedding photos to be. We have vast experience in the wedding industry, and we are a part of the photography world for over a decade.

As husband and wife, we understand how important the wedding day is. We have assured ourselves that this is one of the most important days of your life, and that every single moment is precious and worth keeping. For our passion alone, we hope to be some of the best wedding photographers in Auckland, if not in local NZ areas, as well! We have over ten years’ experience in photography and videography industry. When we create, we do our best to deliver quality results. We don’t just create images for weddings – we also design framed mantelpiece photos, portfolios, and even complete videos of the event!

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People say how stressful and challenging it can be to organize the entire day. While we can’t help you with the cake and the guest lists, we can ensure that there’s one thing you don’t need to worry about, and that is capturing it all on camera and film! We have enough experience in both weddings and photography to do everything on our own, so you can just relax and enjoy your special day. Life is short and you should make a fuss of all your special occasions and small victories. Bringing good energy to the table is always something to strive for, and we’d love to be a part of it!

I am also a professional newborn, maternity and family photographer based in Auckland.

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Maternity photoshoot

Photography is not just taking pictures but it’s capturing those precious moments you have with your family and remembering them for the years to come. I genuinely love getting to photograph families and give them newborn, maternity and family photos that will last forever. As a mum of little girl I know how quickly time goes by and it is so precious to have these beautiful portraits taken. Newborn photography is not just for you to look back on when your newborn was so tiny, but also for your kid to have a wonderful gift to show him or her how it all began. Your tiny newborn will never be this small again, so don’t miss the moment to make wonderful photos.

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Baby Packages

With my newborn photography Auckland services, you can get great captures of your baby’s first days. If you are not ready to bring your new baby to the studio, don’t worry, I can bring my props and equipment to you for a cute baby photo shoot in the comfort of your own home! I can also experiment with poses or photo ideas that you have – just give me a heads-up on time, so I can arrange everything and accommodate your needs. I also have maternity photo session package.

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