Do you look at those amazing pictures of mothers and their newborns and want to have something similar to show your family? With our newborn photography Auckland services, you can get great captures of your baby’s first days.

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We can help parents relax and let their little bundle of joy be a superstar of their own photo shoot!

Participating in a newborn photo shoot is one of the biggest joys for any photographer, and we’ll do our job with love and care while making sure you and your child are feeling safe, as well. We have all the equipment to ensure your baby’s safety while delivering the cutest of photos. 


Newborn Photo Shoot Include

An exclusive 2-3 hours of cute baby photoshoot in our Auckland-based studio.

  • A wide variety of shots of your baby with different poses, props, and sets; styled with your preference in mind
  • Our time and expertise truly devoted to your baby
  • A professionally edited and retouched digital album of the best 20 images of your baby, which will be available for private download for your best viewing and sharing experience

Once you receive the images from your baby photography Auckland, you are free to share and print them wherever you wish. We understand how important it is for grandma to get a copy!

When to book Newborn photographer?

When booking while pregnant, we will pencil in a booking for a week after your due date, and will confirm with you once your baby has arrived. After your baby’s birth, contact us as soon as possible (even if you are still in hospital) to confirm a date and time.

It’s ideal that we shoot within that 7-21 day period as your baby will still be sleepy, easy to pose, and this ensures we get photos before your baby’s first growth spurt (where things like baby acne, gassy stomachs, and colic might occur). Each session takes approximately 3 hours, and both parents are allowed to be there with us. Depending on their siblings’ ages, they will also be allowed in the room – just message us first so we can arrange everything.

The studio will be designed with your baby’s best interest in mind, in order to keep them warm and relaxed. Our top priority is that we have a happy and safe baby to capture while making sure parents are comfortable, as well!

Older newborns (those older than 21 days) can still have their portraits taken, however, this will be done in a different way where the shoot will work depending on your baby’s needs and personality to ensure equally beautiful images.

We have a wide range of props and sets to accustom to your baby’s age and size. There is also a wide set of standard poses that you can go through if you worry you aren’t good at posing. Of course, every baby is unique, and we won’t force a pose that the newborn isn’t comfortable in. We can also experiment with poses or photo ideas that you have – just give us a heads-up on time, so we can arrange everything and accommodate to your needs.

It is our top priority to deliver the photos YOU want, so be free to share any ideas you might have with us.

Baby photo shoot at home

If you are not ready to bring your new baby to the studio, don’t worry – we can bring our props and equipment to you for a cute baby photo shoot in the comfort of your own home! For an additional price, we are able to recreate the set we would have in studio to ensure the best version of your family photography Auckland.

We understand that some clients may need to or want to stay home for the first few weeks or months, and are more than willing to adapt ourselves to accommodate you and your new baby in the safety of your own home.

When it comes to newborn photography Auckland, it’s very important that we ensure everyone is comfortable.

If this means having to bring a few props to your house, we’ll be more than happy to do so. Don’t exhaust yourself or your baby just for those photos – we’ll come to you so you don’t need to strain yourself more than you already have.

Cake smash & Milestone photo session

There is nothing more important than capturing those all-important and such fun milestone moments when your baby is 6-9 months old and can finally sit up alone! Your baby has a strong developing personality.

Just like with newborn photography Auckland, we have a number of props and photo ideas for your baby or a toddler, and we’d love to be a part of this journey. In fact, it would be our honor to help you keep those moments forever saved in the form of our images

All our baby photography Auckland sessions come included with unique personal styling and design – which we can work with you on to find your favorite look! All parents and siblings are most welcome to come along to these sessions too (as long as they don’t steal the spotlight away from the baby). Taking these photographs should be a fun family experience and no one should be left out.

Cake smash baby photo

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When is the best time to schedule my newborn portrait session?

The best time to schedule your session is some time before your little one is born. This way you can rest assured that your newborn photo session will occur within 2 weeks of birth, the very best time to get the sweetest photographs! Later photographs are possible, but some changes might need to be made, as this is the time when babies become more active. My weekly calendar fills up quickly and I only take on a limited amount of newborns each month.

How do I book without knowing my session date?

Don’t worry – we know that few things are as unpredictable as the exact delivery moment. We have a solution for that as well! Your due date will be your session date so that we can be sure that you are on our calendar for that month. Once your baby is born and you are ready to go home, all you have to do is send us an email and from there we’ll schedule a definitive session date and time within the first 5-14 days of your baby’s arrival. Once you book your newborn photography Auckland session we’ll send you a detailed email with all the information you need to know.

How soon should I have my newborn session after giving birth?

The sooner the better! Newborns tend to stay sound asleep a few days after birth and because of this, we are able to gently move your little one into sweet poses. After a couple of weeks, this is not as easy to do. After the 14-day mark, babies begin to stretch and the poses won’t be as easy to accomplish. This doesn’t mean that photography will be impossible – only that it might take us longer, and that some poses might have to be changed.

How long will my newborn photography Auckland session take?

Your session will take between 1 to 3 hours, depending on the type of session you book. Pausing to allow times for feeding and changing. The atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable and the pace of our session will be determined by the baby.

My baby is already born, am I too late to schedule a Newborn Session?

If I have available dates in my calendar I am happy to accommodate.

What is the turn around on my images?

You will receive your images 2-3 weeks from your session date.

Where do the studio sessions take place?

Your session will take place in my home Auckland baby photography studio. Just bring yourself and your little bundle of joy and rest assured that the studio is fully stocked with all the necessary props, clothes, headbands, hats, wraps, and snacks to keep you comfortable throughout your session.

Do you offer milestone & cake smash photo session?

Yes, I do. I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to capture those fun milestone moments when your baby is 6-9 months old and can finally sit up alone! At this age, your baby has a strong developing personality. Because of this, all our sessions come with unique personal styling and design - which we can work with you on to find your favorite look! All parents and siblings are most welcome to come along to these sessions. Also celebrating the first birthday with a cake smash photo session is an amazing and fun experience with beautiful memories. We do all those sessions in our Auckland newborn and family photography studio, so give us a call!

Do you offer Maternity photo sessions and when is the best time to schedule ?

Yes, between 32-36 weeks is best but everyone is different. Overall, once you see that rocking baby bump appear, you’re ready to shoot! It all comes down to your desires and what you want from the photoshoot. On most occasions, it’s best to schedule your shoot between the 32-36 weeks period while knowing we can always adjust the date depending on how your baby grows.

Maternity photography


Family photography

All family photo sessions are up to 1 hour on location, including 40+ edited digital images, online password protected gallery, all photos are print release.


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