Muriwai Beach Engagement Photo

The most beautiful locations for wedding and engagement photos in Auckland

As highly experienced wedding photographers from Europe, we could not wait to explore Auckland and its beautiful surroundings. We quickly fell in love with the scenery. We knew there and then that this was the perfect place to continue our work and do what we do best, make beautiful memories for all the love birds out there. From our experience, the most beautiful locations for wedding and engagement photos in Auckland are:

Muriwai Beach

You can find this beach on the west coast of the Auckland Region in the North Island of New Zealand.
This is one of my favourite beaches for taking photographs. The scenery is stunning. The light is almost always perfect, the sunset is so amazing that it simply takes you away. And when you think you have seen it all, you climb up and look down. The view! Oh, my world! The sea, surrounded by beautiful, shiny rocks and because the gannets nest is close by, those magnificent sea birds make it all look like out of this world!

Muriwai Beach Engagement Photo

Cornwall Park

In Epsom, near the heart of Auckland, New Zealand, you can find this urban oasis.
If you told us you want your photographs to be full of beautiful greenery and scenery like from some fairy tale, this is where we would take you. Green grass and rocks, cows and sheep all around, it feels so peaceful. That peacefulness is always beautifully captured in a photograph. Also, the sunset is so magical, your fairy tale never finishes.
There are few venues in Cornwall Park, so you can do more than photos in the same place.

Cornwall park Wedding Photographer Cornwall park Wedding Photographer

North Head

Maungauika is a volcano forming a headland called North Head at the east end of the Waitemata Harbour in Auckland, New Zealand, in the suburb of Devonport.
Now, this is our favourite spot for capturing city views. And what we also love about North Head is mixed scenery. It is beautifully green and there is an option to go down to the beach. Every step you take down those stairs gives you a different background and we can never resist taking a photograph after every single step. It is purely amazing.

North head North head

Bethells Beach

Bethells Beach is a coastal community of the Auckland Region in the north of the North Island, New Zealand.
And again, two different sceneries, both beautiful in their own way, stole our hearts in a blink of an eye. You get the green grass in a beautiful park nearby, the trees, the birds. Then, you turn around and there they are, beautiful sand dunes, gorgeous waves. Also, the Bethells Beach is absolutely perfect place to capture the glory of a setting sun.

Bethells Beach Engagement Photo Bethells Beach Engagement Photo

Auckland Domain

The Auckland Domain is Auckland’s oldest park, located in the central suburb of Grafton.
This is another magical spot in Auckland where we go often and love to photograph our love birds. There a lot of small pathways surrounded by green grass and trees. Those pathways take you places you would not believe exist in the middle of a very busy city. They take you to a beautiful duck pond and to even more stunning winter garden. Once the photograph is taken, it is actually very hard to believe that the nature you see is not somewhere far away but here, wright here in a very heart of Auckland City.

Auckland domain Auckland domain


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